Mainframe Software and Consultancy in the Benelux Region, Germany and Switzerland.
Audits on governmental organisations and multinationals
Secure Data Base Connections, Database Encryption, Mission Critical systems (Dutch Army), Database security (USA), regulations according to MIL-STD.
$ 50 Billion Pension fund , Systems Design, Interfaces handling personal Data, enforcing privacy requirements of Wbp (= predecessor of GDPR)
Delivering high quality services on mainframe area.
One of the largest Insurance companies in The Netherlands : Design and development of Insurance system, securing personal data of all participating clients.
Largest Telecom Company in The Netherlands : Design and development of Telecom and International Billing Systems, and SOX compliancy.
Design and development of Personnel Information System. Military Training in Administration. Exercises in NATO Cooperation. Passed Security Clearance of Intelligence Services (MIVD / AIVD)
Audit and Examination of GDPR Compliance projects for the Dutch Government
Audit Software for International Information System
Assignment on equally and fairly distribution of EU funds to the members
Migration of Information systems, enforcing privacy requirements.
The Dutch Army takes it’s responsibility as NATO member in participating in the joint actions and exercises on the International scene. Reference upon request.
Implementation of International Collections Software (Mortgages)
Implementation of International Collections Software, achieving highest Fitch Rating in Europe.
Outsourcing project, realizing 40% cost cuts.
Providing Mainframe expertise and recruiting matching personnel.
Decision making software , Data protection for the Finnish FInancial market.
Delivering the best consultancy in demanding environments. Data Protection and Data conversion.
Development of payment systems and wealth management functionality, enforcing privacy requirements of sensitive financial data.
International Project Management in Cybersecurity , Data Protection and Data Analytics.
BIK’s mission is to support trust and safety of participants of business transactions in Poland by providing reliable and as complete as possible information.
Project Management , SOX Compliancy and Interface design
Application Design, Database Design and Development of mission critical information systems of the City with the biggest harbour of the World : The Port of Rotterdam.
Several assignments in developing Oracle systems, case tools, data dictionaries, DBMS, SQL, DBA activities, data analytics, Optimizing queries.
Big Data conversion and Data Protection.
Consultancy and Service Management for Dutch Financial Institutions